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Latest Binaural Beat: Pure Serenity – Alpha Brainwave – Download mp3 now for free!


Download our latest binaural beat track. This serene and deeply relaxing binaural beat will slip you into a calm and tranquil mood. Tuned to the Theta brainwave frequency, this mp3 will entrain your brainwaves to induce a sensation of deep and meditative relaxation.

Latest Binaural Beat: Deep Meditation – Theta Brainwave – Download free mp3 now!


This deeply meditative binaural beat uses the theta brainwave frequency to entrain your brainwaves to the theta state. This will induce feelings of extreme relaxation and will promote REM sleep. This is the deepest level of sleep giving you a more restful and enjoyable nights sleep .

Latest Binaural Beat: Inner Journey – Delta Brainwave – Download free i doser mp3 now!


Take your brainwaves on a mind-bending inner journey with this intensely relaxing binaural beat. By entraining your brainwaves to the Delta frequency, this binaural beat will induce a sensation of loss of body awareness, also known as an “out-of-body experience”. Listen to this track before bed and you will sleep like a baby on a cloud. The delta frequency is known to promote deep dreamless sleep.

Latest Binaural Beat: Relaxing Dreams – Alpha Brainwave – Download this idoser style mp3 now for free!


This relaxing binaural beat was tuned to the alpha brainwave frequency. This mp3 will entrain your brainwaves to the alpha state, inducing feelings of relaxation and promoting restful sleep and enhanced dream-states. To fully enjoy the effects of this track; use headphones if listening to the binaural version.

So what exactly is Brainwave Synchronization (Entrainment)?


The result of brainwave entrainment is quite amazing when you consider all the things we do, all the drugs we take to alter our consciousness, when there is an alternative that requires no pills, smoking, or injecting. Another name for this phenomenon is frequency following response. When the user is exposed to frequencies that closely match that of brainwaves, the brainwaves begin to naturally match their own frequencies to the frequency of the stimulus, this in entrainment.

Do Binaural Beats actually get you High?


There has been a lot of talk about Binaural Beats lately, especially from concerned parents and confused police officials, about whether or not these digital audio drugs or “doses” are actually getting kids high. Well, this one is kind of on the fence. Binaural Beats in no way alter the chemical balance of the user’s body, so technically, you’re not high. BUT, and this is a big but, its not to say that the user will not feel drug-life effects. When done properly, meaning with good headphones, the binaural beats will entrain your brainwaves, inducing an effect that is not easy to describe. First, lets go a bit more in depth about the science behind binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. Entrainment, or brainwave synchronization is a practice that has been around for more than two centuries…

What are the effects of Brainwave synchronization and Binaural Beats?


Binaural Beats and other forms of brainwave stimulation can guide your brainwave activity to produce powerful effects, including relaxation, cognition and even arousal! How? Well there are five brainwave groups, each have corresponding frequency ranges as well as specific effects that can be induced. Below is a table showing the main brainwave groups and the effects of entrainment on those groups.